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Blue Diamond Athens Luggage Tag

Athens Luggage Tag Charm is a piece of Greece you'll have forever. A stunning little tag to keep your Greek summer trip close to your heart. Featuring a brilliant blue diamond charm in an 18k solid yellow gold holder, it will bring you back to the sea, the waters and the beautiful beaches of Greece!

Custom Name Necklace

Classic and timeless. Made in Greece by the most talented goldsmiths. Hanging from a dainty 18 inch chain, with your choice of English or Greek letters. Honor yourself or someone special in your life.

Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet
Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet
Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet
Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet
Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet
Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet

Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet

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Micro Quatrefoil Bracelet.

Quatrefoil "Tetrafillo" - Greek in origin, both in stone color and meaning. The 4 leaf clovers of this beautiful piece bring good luck, health and positivity. 

Malachite - the stone of transformation and new beginnings. Greek in origin meaning "malhe" grass for its green color and "malakos" meaning soft. It is easy to carve into beautiful designs and shapes. 

Turquoise - the stone of protection and good fortune. In Greece this stone is known to bring success and prosperity. It is used in many pieces of jewelry in Greece to protect against the evil eye and ward off bad energy. 

Mother-of-pearl - this stone is a symbol of love and light in Greece. Known to bring truth, hope and honesty. It is pure joy and shines magnificently when the light hits it. 

Black Onyx - this stone is the symbol of strength and knowledge. According to Greek mythology, this beautiful stone comes from the goddess Venus; cupid cut her fingernails and let them scatter to the ground. "Onux" means fingernails in Greek. Strength, love and power live within the black onyx stone. 

Hand carved, natural and vibrant, a variety of natural stones adorn these stunning handmade bracelets. 14k solid yellow gold. Double-sided. 

Handmade in Greece.

Gemstone Color


Hellenic Luxe by Angeliki is a Mediterranean lifestyle brand committed to bringing Greece to your home. We were built by the luxury that inspires us each time the airplane lands in Athens, every time our toes hit the sand of Santorini, as we walk through the pebble steps of Rhodes, and eat the fresh calamari on the beachfront of Corinthos.

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The most beautiful pendant ever! I wear my Double-sided Konstantinato Cross every single day and get so many compliments!

Maria V.
Chicago, Il

I got the Hellenic Hoop earrings. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I swear, it’s so beautiful with delicate work. LOVE LOVE LOVE... the Pireaus Bracelet is so stunning!!!!! I really love it. Oh how I miss Greece!!!!

Bunny G.
Seattle, WA

I gifted my daughter-in-law a Custom Name Necklace for her wedding and even added a custom diamond to the necklace. Hellenic Luxe designed this one of a kind piece with so much meaning! My whole family was asking for the same necklace! Stunning!!

Sophia M.
Astoria, NY

I miss the shops and jewelry of Greece so much and this store makes me feel at home! Every solid gold piece you love in the islands HLuxe has! And they will make it custom if it's not on the site! I'm so happy I found them!

Rachel P.
Tampa, FL

Absolute BEST handmade Greek jewelry you'll find in the USA. Beautiful gold crosses and the customer service is exceptional!

Maggie S.
Los Angeles, CA

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